Friday, April 29, 2011

Golf day

Spent yesterday playing gold and then fun times in the “Old Place” OMG this was so cool.

First we had a round of 18 holes of great golf as a foursome at Malibu Country Club. It was great weather and hot but not too hot. The golf was fun and the betting of skins was merciful light. Jeff, Nick and Brooks were good fun company. I did my fair share of good Drives and Putts. Yet I did burn through a few golf balls. The course is narrow for us duffers. If you have an inopportune hook or slice just leave it to the snakes in that wild rough.

We had many great shots by each of the golfers.. Nick has the best come from behind put on from the fringe that dropped in after a 30+ foot roll down hill and kept Jeffery from going up another skin. I had several long tee shots that landed on the green for a chance at "Greenie" side bet wins. And I got one! This doubles the winnings on that hole.

Then after the round Jeffery and I did a second 9 holes in a fresh golf cart (it is a long course with lots of hills). They even made us a deal on the price of the play as it was getting very late in the day. So Brook and Nick headed home. Jeff and I went on to play a bunch more holes and basically had the course to ourselves.

Delightful cool air and nice lingering light left us out there for a long time. It was so invigorating we kept at it for a long time. So fun.

I’m feeling a bit whooped from a total of 31 holes of golf! Jeffery then took me to get a steak dinner. A super cool place. The wine and steak and beer and banana bread pudding we had last night at the Old Place put me back in shape some. He knew what he was doing. He had been here many times before.

I was impressed with how much fun it was. Wine, Beer, Clams and STEAK. A short menu. Really fun modern update in an OLD western bar that has been there for YEARS.

Dear Reader... Road Trip Tip: If you visit Los Angeles I suggest you rent a convertible so you can drive up the coast of Malibu on a sunny day. And then back via our little bit of “Out Back” of the Santa Monica Mountains. Drive home a back way up Kanan Road and some via Mulholland Hwy. A serpentine snake of a road that will be fun in a convertible and when you have no timetable to have to keep. Then do stop here. Drop out to the Freeway 101 down to 405 and home.