Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Interesting tool for home and apartment shoppers

Ok, the information age is getting some interesting bits of dirt on the people just around the corner.

Or is the dirt on You! Maybe. has come to town. Interesting. So is the person across from that house you like a jerk? Enough of a jerk to be listed here?

Now you can find out before buying. Caution. If you post about your neighbor will it devalue your home when you want to sell? There is the rub.

However I like the idea of rating landlords. Many tenants do not have any way to tell if the business person who is in the housing provider line of work is an Ass or an Angel. This is vital information to someone looking to rent.

To post on a Jerk or not. It may be a nice way to get the frustration out. I heard about the rating of teachers at some college campuses and the benefits it gave to the students who want to minimize time spent on classes with jerk teachers. Or worse yet teachers that cant impart useful information in a meaningful way.

Can we (the public) benefit from ?

What do you think?