Friday, October 22, 2010

Brand - My blog and it's posting

I liked this quote about Branding.   We do Branding when Real Estate people talk about the market place on our blog or web sites.  I have tried to be an Astute Observer of the Marketplace.  By MLS rules I can not re-post their information here and so I do not often focus on individual properties on this site.  But more the Marketplace and the forces affecting it.

"If people are worried about undermining their business value by promoting their personal brand, they are not thinking big enough.

Brands mature over time, like a marriage. The bond you feel with your spouse is different than when you first met each other. Excitement and discovery are replaced by comfort and depth. Personal brands mature over time, and if you nurture the relationship you have with your audience for long enough, your personal brand will evolve to one that benefits your company.

You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it."

-- Gary Vaynerchuk, host of Wine Library TV

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prices up but volume still sluggish

I liked the news today in the LA Times about the small rise in the average sale price.
 Not that the volume of sales is up.  It is till tight.

The most important part of this news is the strengthening shows that the bottom feeders have come and gone.  It is now going to be a long and slow recovery to an eventual upswing for the Southern California Real Estate market.   I realize I'm putting my prediction on the wall here.  It will ride.

Read the news on This LA TIMES Link