Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 bedroom for rent

My first vacancy in a bigger apartment in quite some time.

For Rent - 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Apartment in S. M.

Unit D

Property owner is asking $ 1,745 per month and $2,000 SD.
And good credit score and verifiable income.

Big one bedroom of approx 650 sqft living space. Beautiful hard wood floors and bright kitchen make
this a very nice place to come home to.

Green garden views in front of the dining room window. Second floor breezes are very good as the front half of the property is only single story units. This unit is second floor over the garages. Sorry all of the garage spaces are let to other residents so parking is on the street, but not too hard to find in this high end area. Laundry is on-site with one washer and two dryers.

Call me if you know someone who would like to live here.

Keith Lambert

Monday, August 24, 2009

Housing and NOD's

Found an interesting post or two about Santa Monica at

He has a fun style. Interesting. Still am alarmist but he does have a few good points. Many agents have taken listings at unjustifiable prices and have to chace the market down. He used this to parley it into a article about higher end areas like Santa Monica finally getting hit by the housing bubble. Maybe so to some degree.

I have some friends and associates are going out to the hard hit areas to pick up the cheap stuff like houses in Los Vegas and in Florida. Writing a check for the full purchase price.

One item is that the Single Family Home market is flooded and getting a few more in the pipeline from NOD's (bank notice of defaults that soon will be foreclosed upon).

Santa Monica will not be that cheap where $50 to $80 thousand will buy you a house but it will be a bit dicey on the Westside when all the pent up NOD volume comes to the foreground. Keep your ears posted for some great deals.

Keith L.