Monday, July 21, 2008

What is a good deal today... SFR or Spec

Mar Vista has a few deals. there are some good ones that are on the west side of the Mar Vista Hill. It is totally amaising that the ones on the other side of the hill with some city views are going for such hugue prices even in this down market. Even on high traffic streets like Palms. (near Grandview)

So on the SFR deal of the week... The one that I do not think will last long is 13129 Lake Street. At only 775,000 it is just above the lot value. the home has great bones and floor plan that is workable. A front two can garage and some elevation that may someday be a little view if a second story were to be added. Mostly a cosmetic improvement to the interior would be all it needs. Bring it out of the 70's. Easy cosmetic remodel process. Fix it then move in or move in and then Fix it? I like this Fixer. Call me and I'll show you why.

On the Speculator side... The nicest view lot at an OK price in the area is 13000 Warren Ave. On the slope. Not too near the airport but still you will hear the jets. (gotta be honest on that.) But the view is worth it. The back yard slopes down to a wide alley and gives you a great opportunity for redesign and building in a garage and entertaining back yard. The house has no real flow or style worth keeping. A land play and opportunity to build your dream home or to speculate that you can build and sell for a big proffit. Are you a Builder type? Are you deep pockets and want to invest?


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thoughts re Private Property Rights and Public Roads

A lot of different things are regulated. And a few of them seem to impinge more and more into the realm of private property rights. Even the Dog and Cat spaying efforts that the animal rights people are pushing into legislation could be framed as a property rights question.

After all is not a dog (although we may call it a pet) is really a personal property item that would hold value and be resell able. (think working dog not family member)

So if you have a dog that is not AKC registered can you still keep whole and eventually bread if you determine it to be worthy? Nope. What if via smarts or temperament that develops later in it's life you realize you have a keeper that you want to bread? This stuff is not viewable in a 4 month old puppy. American Kennel Club becomes the arbitrator of what is worthy. Not you. More lost rights. More big brother oversight and fees and paperwork. Is this really necessary?

Interesting questions.

When broaching this with some people they over react and get overly emotional on the topic imparting way to much dedication to the cause to even hold the ideological discussion on the topic.

Same can be true on Rent Controls. And on Property Rights like Zoning. And in some cases even the streets becoming filled with Speed Bumps. As the locals try to reduce the impending flow of the dreaded speeder or "cut through" traffic.

On the other side of the coin re Speed Bumps... Are they not reducing the usability of a perfectly good road? Does it not devalue our neighborhood by reducing the usability of our community streets? Surely it reduces the pleasure of drive. The speed bump definitely reduces the speed at which a EMT and the firetruck can travel and thereby reduced the response time to reach me or a loved one who is in dire need of help.

I know from personal experience that to ride in the back of an ambulance with a broken bone is a very painful experience. Extra painful at each and every one of these new speed bumps.

No, I do not wish a broken bone on the folks that signed off on that new speed bump. But I know some folks are going to feel pain because some goodie-goodie got the neighbors to sign off on a new set of speed bumps.

Ouch! Ouch! Ohh S#*~ not another!2 Ouch! (Ask and ambulance Tech what else he hears while driving over a speed bumped road)

Maybe we should stop trying to over-regulate all of those people around us.

I am amazed how the view of a local community member can be so incensed over a few extra (or a little too fast for his/her liking) cars that there is no way to discuss the above issues in calm discussion. Rabid need to "Do something about it!" and force his will on others. Even if is causes the city to reduce services to all of his neighbors in the city.

As a past member of the Mar Vista Community Council I now want to be on the record of my desire to ask all of us... Please do not go to Speed Bumps first to fix a perceived traffic problem. They are not a good thing.