Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poll in LA Business Journal on LA Rent Freeze

Please Vote on their Poll.

The big issue is for property rights. Reduced rents in long term LA Rent Stabilized rentals is the real topic. Elected officials buying votes is another way to look at it.

The city of LA is thinking of no increase for this year as the economy is in turmoil. (or a freeze for 4 months to studdy it) But the bills have to be paid by the property owner. The city taxes on all the utils and services are not waved or frozen. Property owners still must pay the bills for all sorts of things and their prices are not frozen at lower rates. Why should the tenants with lower than market rents (Mkt rents in LA are down 18-20%) get a pass this year when the owner sorely needs every penny to keep up with rising costs.

Help send the message. Click on the link and cast a vote of "No" - Look for the poll in the lower right column.

Poll: "Should the Los Angeles City Council freeze any rent increases on rent-controlled apartments pending a study on the issue?"