Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Caravan Day - Tuesday April 18th and very few gems

Many remodels of the basic fix and polish were on the market. Beautifully staged and full of nice bath fixtures as well as interesting and warm colors.

Did some looking at the ones in the area near the 10 fwy and Bundy then worked my way into West Los Angeles. Some of the nicely fixed up properties where priced in the high 800'’s and looked rather nice. Even one small one under $750K. Better than a condo. But not by much.

But there was a $999k priced house on the hill that held onto my imagination. If you spent real money to fix that one up it could be another $1.5 million home. Great views. It is just so hard to pay 900k+ and think of it as just for the lot. Even for Mar Vista hill.

For that one, the listing agent will possibly be driving for a price reduction soon enough. Then I'll be back for it with my builder friends in tow.

Tuesday April 11 Caravan – Mar Vista builder lot

Doing the regular RE Agent/Broker caravan is the very important path to really getting the feel of what is available. It is what keeps us RE Professionals hot on the trends and closest to the inventory that is constantly changing.

I roamed from Santa Monica to West LA to Westside Village to Palms and then to the Mar Vista and northern edge of Venice this day. Found that the items I had selected included a few that were very well priced for the benefits and livability.

But one stood out… A builders investment hot property. Just listed. Priced Right. Good buildable lot. Small house of little more than 600 sqft ! That will nock over with a small little bobcat and one dumpster. On Ashwood in Mar Vista. A Great deal at $659,000. Very hot.

Build a nice house of 1800 to 2000 sqft and sell it for a tidy profit. The older homes are going for $899k in that area. A new one will easily be $1.150 to $1.25m In north Venice one APN away there are some rebuilds going for that and then some.

Lot: $ 659,000

Build $ 370,000 – ($185per sqft x 2000)

Plus holding costs and permits etc. (30 to 40K)

Cost $1,150,000 or less and sell for a 100k to 200k profit.

Not bad for one years work. I quickly called all the builders I know. They were all on vacation to the Colorado River or at Catalina Island with boats and family. Dooh.

By Weds the listing agent had 7 offers by 5 pm. Good deals do not last once the word is really out. Just one Day!

I will track this as it closes and as it is rebuilt to let you good readers know what/how/where a good market and quick actions can reward an investor. Teaming up with a Real Estate professional who is “In the Know” is the best way to score on this type of opportunity.

See my link to www.RElist.net and let me know what you are looking for.

Cards are in to printer

That bit of art that is in everyones hands soon looks like...

Not bad.

Mostly I just hope that those who need to dial my phone numbers can see them and understand that the (t) stands for "telephone".

Kinda funny.

c = Cell
f = Fax
e = Email

It is the office standard for the company. Looks OK Yes?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Waiting for new cards

Last week the new business photos.

This week order cards.

What photo do you like? Visit to my REList.net site
to see the options I'm working on.

Picking a photo is so hard. But not as hard as picking a home for a new first time buyer. It is just that we all get a little disappointed with our own photos... Habit for so many.

They came out OK and some friends say that they like the ones where I smile with more teeth. Nice to have reassuring friends. LOL

This is my favorite one in some ways.

Tell me that you would not mind talking about your personal real estate goals with that guy in the photo.

Keith Lambert

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Changing to Boardwalk Realty

The firm I recently joined had a ski trip to Big Bear yesterday and it was really bad in the Mtns. Snow/hail/rain/high wind. Really not good. But those hardy souls who stayed over for Thursday got great spring ski time today.

I'm now working with a stronger & bigger local Real Estate firm.

Boardwalk Realty in Marina Del Rey

It is like kick starting a big motorcycle... Time to make some noise and get this thing moving down the highway again. It is exciting and fun and just a little bit scary.

I have my class 2 license for motorcycles. I have had my Real Estate license for years too. It has been good to do a deal or two or three having many successful years with Lambert Investments, Inc.

But to really work my home turf of Mar Vista and Palms and Marina del Rey and Venice I have decided to affiliate myself with the strongest locally owned and operated firm that prides it's self on service.

Sincerely, Keith Lambert - RE Agent
Residential and Income Properties