Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Developers needed who have deep pocket and patience

If you want to combine several smaller sites and combine them to build a nice housing project give me a jingle. There are a couple of lots side by side that could be combined on a good street in an up and coming area that needs the boost.

We can go to the owners with Option or First Right to Purchase option contracts until we line up the 3rd site. Dropping small one story buildings and putting up new 3 story building with Parking and Amenities that the community wants. And maybe a moderate income unit or two that the community needs as well.

In the end it is a win win win that makes a few bucks for your risk and time and efforts.

Two different sites come to mind. Some of the owners I have had some great conversations with and they may want to play.

Are you Game?

Sincerely Keith L.